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HUNSFORD, CA — Collins and Collins is thrilled to announce a new partnership deal with venture capitalist Catherine De Bourgh. The partnership brings an undisclosed but impressive amount of funding into the fledging company. Company founder Mr. Rick Collins comments, “Such a partnership is a truly fortuitous turn of events. The generosity and support of Mrs. De Bourgh is surely unparalleled in any present day media mogul. Collins and Collins is fortunate to be distinguished by the patronage of such a great lady.” Though the full scope of projects has not yet been revealed, Collins and Collins will put the partnership money to use immediately. They plan to establish more permanent headquarters in the Hunsford area, near to De Bourgh’s own Rosings-based offices. Additionally, Mr. Collins himself has begun headhunting for a select number of top positions within the company.

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Collins and Collins offers a full range of video production services for all your corporate and instructional needs. From pre- to post-production, let us take care of your video projects. We guarantee a fresh spin and professional quality.



"Collins and Collins prepared a professional-looking instructional video that perfectly suited our company’s needs. Our out-dated training materials used to be a constant source of embarrassment for our brand. But now we imagine we won’t be embarrassed for at least a few years to come. Thank you, Mr. Collins and team."


“Training has never been so easy. We just put the videos on and sit back!”


“The video Collins and Collins made for us did exactly what we required it to do—no more and no less.”